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Today, in the 21st century, the industry must constantly evolve in order to adapt to the market’s demands. In this sense, technological updates are the key to remaining competitive and well-positioned.

At Inac, we have been working for 20 years to offer automation and modernization solutions as well as other services for the industry. We are an interdisciplinary team of professionals (electrical engineers, mechanics, computer engineers, programmers, technicians specializing in electronics, robotics, pneumatics…) with an international vision and experience. Our extensive track record and the know-how we’ve gained over the years has awarded us with clients from all over the world. We collaborate with the most prestigious brands in the market (Siemens, Allen Bradley, Festo, Kuka) to offer our clients the best performance in their industries.



We are the best travel companion in the industry. We provide you with ideas, services and technology that will give you solutions for your problems and greater industrial benefits. With modern and up-to-date machinery, companies save on costs and energy, improve their productivity and guarantee safety at work. Our success is the success of our clients. Want to work together? Let’s get started!



Time has shown us that success is achieved when we are able to listen and understand the needs of our clients. Only by fully integrating and engaging ourselves with their projects are we able to provide solutions for their needs.

We have extensive experience and knowledge of the sector that we combine with the most modern and innovative ideas focused on Industry 4.0. Professionalism, flexibility and adaptability are just a few of our values. Our many successful projects from around the world speak for themselves.


We stand on the threshold of a new era that is known as the fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0. This technological transformation represents an opportunity and a challenge for the industrial world to evolve and position itself as a leading sector that is both strong and competitive.

The idea of Industry 4.0 was born in Germany as a way of labeling the set of technologies and production processes that have begun to take the shape of what will be the industry of the future.

The digitization and automation of production units is giving rise to intelligent factories or Smart Factories, a vision of computerized manufacturing with all the processes interconnected by the Industrial Internet of Things (I2OT), using technologies related to Big Data, augmented reality or collaborative robotics.

This trend opens up a new economic and social framework which will produce dramatic medium-term changes in productivity, energy, training and consumption habits.

At Inac, we have climbed aboard the 4.0 Industry train in order to provide our clients with the tools and knowledge needed to transform and adapt to the new era. In addition to providing you with the most advanced control systems on the market, we also offer you the opportunity to outsource the service. We will manage everything for you, with fixed costs and guaranteed results.

Some of the advantages of the new Industry 4.0 are:

Centralization of information in the technological Cloud.

Knowledge that provides greater control over data, speeding up responsiveness. This translates into greater versatility and efficiency.

Production optimization. The industrial workforce is evolving in the direction of robotized operator profiles.

Flexibility in production.

Outsourcing enables the industry to have a greater control of costs and guaranteed results.