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Our engineering solutions can be applied to different industrial sectors, as evidenced by our long history. In the beginning of Inac in the 90s, we worked mainly for the sector that was the industrial engine of Europe for more than a century. The textile industry, however, fell into decline which was an opportunity for us to grow and apply our experience to new market niches.

With the new century, we began to work in the Environmental field, a sector with clear prospects for the future. We specialize in composting plants, waste selection and recycling of urban waste. At the same time, we have also ventured into the world of water treatment plants. This knowledge has crossed borders and we have been able to apply it in first-world countries who are leaders in environmental policies –like Norway-, as well as in developing regions –Algeria-.

Later, the food and metallurgical industries were added to our client portfolio. The success of the finished projects has led to their loyalty and establishment of long-term business relationships built around trust.

In the immediate future, our evolution as engineers also holds prospects in the field of the chemical industry. All of this shows us that our automation and industrial control solutions, with proven efficiency for over 20 years, can be applied to all sectors in a personalized way, always looking to the horizon of the Industry 4.0.



  • Washing trains
  • Dyeing machinery
  • Bleaching range
  • Winding and unwinding of fabrics
  • Jiggers
  • Review machinery
  • Finishing machinery


  • Milk treatment plants
  • Cheese manufacturing plants
  • Beginning and end line installations with robotic arms
  • Weighing stations
  • Automatic Palletizing Systems
  • Box formers and packaging
  • Linear filler and sealing machine
  • Storage and transport solutions for food products
  • Cleaning systems for the food industry (CIP Plants)


  • Handling of parts
  • Robots for the hot forging industry
  • Automation and press control systems
  • Implementation of safety measures in machinery


  • Recycling plants with modern management systems
  • Light packaging treatment plants
  • Municipal solid waste treatment plants (MSW)
  • Composting tunnels
  • Water treatment plants