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We provide our clients with solutions based on automation and industrial control systems, both for individual machinery as well as for large production lines. We have experience working with new creation projects in addition to updating previously existing machinery or lines.


We listen to our client and design a tailor-made, personalized project that suits their tastes and needs. We offer a comprehensive service that provides solutions to problems along with major industrial benefits.

  • Study of the viability of the solution, together with the client
  • Design of the technical project (technical specification, automation architecture, electrical diagrams)
  • Selection of equipment and systems from leading brands such as Siemens, Allen Bradley and Schneider
  • Launching and implementation of the project
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Follow-up and after-sales service

To ensure and optimize the performance of our clients’ equipment, we implement digital technologies in the industry (Big Data, hyperconnectivity, intelligent industry, The Internet of Things…). As a result, Industry 4.0 gives us numerous advantages:

  • OEE: Increase in production capacity and improvement of production costs
  • Improved flow of information and greater control over the production processes
  • Immediate response capability via remote control over a virtual private network (VPN), using the internet infrastructure
  • Predictive and preventive treatments for the machinery
  • TQM: Quality management to improve production

We prepare electrical cabinets (mechanization, wiring, assembly, etc.) in our workshop that is equipped with the latest technology, and we assemble all of the equipment and materials that make up the industrial control systems.

  • Design of electrical diagrams according to current regulations
  • Equipment and systems from leading brands such as Siemens, Allen Bradley and Schneider
  • Workshop equipped with the latest tools and machinery
  • Automated production for the manufacture of electrical cabinets
  • Flexible delivery times

We have a team of professionals specialized in the installation and assembly of machinery in the field.

  • Assembly of all types of hose pipes
  • Wiring of motors, sensors and parts to be connected in the electrical cabinet
  • Labeling of the all the elements making up the automation, so that they are easily identifiable with the technical documentation

We make PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) applications of different scopes: from the most basic for the execution of simple maneuvers, to Programmable Logic Controllers applied to large networks of automatons to control complex production processes.

Our technical office works with the best SCADA & HMI (Human Machine Interface) systems enabling the operator to communicate with the machine and facilitating the transmission of operating commands, visualization of results and information on the production situation in real time. Our priority is to make the work environment user-friendly.

When implementing the project, our technicians prepare the communication networks and the fieldbuses with the goal of obtaining an automatic flow of data between the different equipment that the installation integrates. They therefore complement the PLC-controlled systems, forming and efficient set of automatic process management.

We have extensive experience in different fieldbuses (Profibus, Profinet, Modbus) as well as with SAFE networks.

Having industrial machinery that incorporates the most modern and recent technological innovations gives companies a qualitative leap: they improve accuracy in performing complex tasks, reduce staff costs and save time. Therefore, continuous updates of machinery are a determining factor for the industry’s survival.

  • Adequacy of control systems to the current production needs.
  • Compliance with safety regulations regarding machines.