Industry solutions

We design and roll out solutions for industrial automation and control. We endeavour to develop the best solution for our clients.

Clients from a wide range of industries and sectors place their trust in our advanced technology and Industry 4.0 solutions.


Environment and waste management

  • Automation of recycling plants
  • Automation of metal recovery plants
  • Automation of sewage treatment plants
  • Centralised management of photovoltaic plants


  • Hot forging presses and process lines
  • Automation of surface treatment process lines
  • Robot-assisted CNC part handling

Wood manufacturing and transformation

  • Robotic cell for pallet manufacturing
  • Robotic handling of wooden profiles
  • Robotisation and palletisation of nesting machines
  • Timber loading system

Special machinery

  • Extruder Cutters for extruded materials
  • Rubber profile cutting machine

Our smart and innovative products are created in accordance with process improvement solutions and Industry 4.0. with a view to offering the most efficient and reliable machinery in any industrial sector.