Process robotisation

Robotic solutions

Robotic system-based applications are one of the key Industry 4.0 innovations.

We turn each project into its own unique experience

Robotic solution for pallet production

Comprehensive solution for manufacturing made-to-measure pallets with special measurements:

  • 3D design software to create wooden pallets (INAC PALET CREATOR)
  • Wood preparation machine (1 or 2 preparation tables)
  • Smart Robot Nailing System
  • Palletisation on chain conveyors
  • Production control system

Packaging of magnetic boards

Robotic system for packaging of magnetic boards and their mounting accessories.

  • Highly accurate positioning of protectors.
  • Product handling with vacuum lift system.
  • Automated change of the robot gripper.
  • Packaging closing with a stapler.
  • Palletisation of the end product.

Profile handling system

Robotised system for fitting timber profiles.

  • Conveyor and accumulator for wooden profiles from production lines
  • Robotic handling of profiles
  • Box preforming and forming
  • Palletisation of boxes
  • Instruction manual-based software for processing different profiles

Proprietary projects